Zoe Tylee Hypnotherapy

48 Smith Street

Charlestown NSW 2290

0432 800 186

Corporate Services

I offer a range of corporate services from Lunch and Learn workshops to Executive Coaching.


Unfortunately, sometimes our own mind holds us back from achieving bigger and better things.

My specialty is helping people overcoming those hurdles that hold them back in their working or personal lives. 

I can help with mental coaching (similar to what athletes do to prepare for their performance), fearless public speaking, or individual issues that hinder corporate performance.

I can also deliver group programs such as:

  • Stress release techniques

  • Selling with soul

  • Achieving goals with self-hypnosis

  • Taming your inner critic

I also deliver corporate wellness programs for stress, weight loss or stopping smoking. This can be done in group workshops or on an individual basis.

If you want to 'try me out' before buying, please invite me for a "lunch and learn" workshop or a Friday afternoon talk. I will come and talk on a topic of your choosing and you can get to know me.