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Overcoming Trauma

Up to 57% of Australians experience a traumatic event at some stage in their lives. Going through a traumatic event is shocking and distressing for anyone.


It might be an experience like a road traffic accident. It could be a natural disaster like a bushfire or flood. Or perhaps you have experienced violence, sexual assault or abuse.


You may have experienced this event directly, or be affected by seeing it happening to someone else.


Whatever the traumatic experience, sometimes it feels like you’ll never get over what happened! 

Hypnotherapy can help you to move forward after trauma. I use an approach that doesn't require you to endlessly rehash the event(s). Instead we'll take the weight and negative emotions out of the memories so you are able to think about the events without becoming overwhelmed. 

Hypnotherapy will help you to mobilise your inner resources to help you move forward!