Zoe Tylee Hypnotherapy

48 Smith Street

Charlestown NSW 2290

0432 800 186


By talking to your subconscious mind, we can go the heart of your issue.


Hypnosis makes talking to your subconscious easier. We will work with that part of your mind that is maintaining a problem or habit that you'd like to overcome.


By getting your subconscious on board, you can make a deep and lasting changes.

And to put your mind at ease: it doesn't matter whether you go into a light or a deep trance for this technique. Which is great news, because everybody can be hypnotised to some level of hypnotic trance.

I specialise in emotional eating, depression & anxiety, fears & phobias and mental coaching.


But I can work with other problems too. Just ask!

Give me a call today on 0432 800 186 to have a chat. 

If you want me to speak at your club or company, please give me a call. I often speak for free - because I love what I do. I can speak on the power of the mind, stress and how to deal with stress, hypnosis and more.